From the Author, E.P. Shelky:


A very special thanks to everyone who has spent their time and money on my work. I put many years into the process and it truly means a lot.

I write things that byte.

You wouldn’t want to read things that bite because they would be unpleasant at the least; however, a byte is a digital piece of information. It’s the now. It’s problematic in some cases. It’s important. A byte can lead us to the future. It’s thrilling. It’s scary. It’s violent. It’s byte-ing. So, I guess I write byte-ing fiction. 

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I recently re-read my first story and realized it did indeed bite. Still, the screenplay was decent enough to win the Hopwood Award at The University of Michigan, and provided the fuel to keep writing. While grinding at day jobs over the last ten years, I’ve had a few scripts optioned by studio production companies, and have heard comparisons to Elmore Leonard and Dean Koontz. I am now extremely excited to release my debut novel Streets of Gold

Hopefully it bytes. 

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