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Hustle the beautifully gritty streets of Los Angeles in the shoes of a 14-year-old gang pledge and a wealthy entrepreneur playboy who live a mile apart but would never cross paths . . . until now.  

Scooby grew up believing a brutal LA gang was responsible for putting food on his family’s table. Now, still too young to shave, he has a chance to join his brother in the Lords Latino and help provide for his baby sister. First, though, he must survive initiation: being beaten—possibly to death—or committing an unthinkable crime.

In the same city but a different world, payday loan scion Tom Milford would rather be partying the night away with (yet another) model, but after insensitive comments land his company in a PR quagmire, his very public act of contrition takes him to a rough-around-the-edges part of town, where bad timing places him at the center of Scooby’s initiation.

Their violent clash triggers a series of events, putting both lives in the crosshairs and bringing tensions that have long simmered just below the city’s surface to a boil.    

"I found this on my boyfriend's step and started reading the next morning and literally couldn't put it down. I finished the whole thing that day. It was awesome, well written, super interesting, and I've already recommended it to a bunch of people." -MM
"Streets of Gold is fantastic. The characters are crazy rich in depth, the situation they’re thrown in makes me sweat, and I'm sympathetic to everyone, waffling between who I am cheering for. I don't see how this doesn't get turned into a movie. So gritty, so awesome." -JY

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